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Art & Photography Contest Rules

2019 Annual

Art & Photography Contest Winners

1)    You must be a member of Ozarks Writers League to enter any category. Entry fee of $10.00 must be paid the morning of the contest and may includes as many             pieces as Participant would like to enter, in any or all of three categories listed below. 

2)    Each entry must have a 3x5 index card attached with a paperclip—DO NOT GLUE OR TAPE, or the entry will be disqualified. The index card should include the                following:


·     Name

·     Address

·     Phone number

·     Email address


3)    Names must not appear anywhere on any piece of art or photography entered, except on the index card which is attached with a paperclip.

4)    All entries must be delivered to the Art Registration Desk in the meeting room at Camden Conference Center, between 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m., the morning of                 September 12 conference.


Entries may be disqualified for not following the above rules.


5)    Participants may enter as many pieces of art or photography as they’d like, in any or all of three categories: Photography, Art and Alternative Art.

6)    Qualified judges, from outside the organization, will conduct blind judging. Decisions are final.

7)    At the end of the meeting, all entries must be retrieved by the member before leaving. OWL is not responsible for anything left at the close of the day.

8)    Ribbons will be given for First, Second and Third Place in each of the three categories: 

9)    A Best of Show prize will also be awarded, which is the best of the First-Place winners in the three categories.



CATEGORY 1: Photography

All photos entered must be 5x7 or 8x10 and must be matted. The photos are not restricted to any theme.



Includes watercolor, oil, pastels, pencil, acrylic and any other form. Artwork must be matted and may be any theme.


CATEGORY 3: Alternative Art

Includes any and all other kinds of art: weaving, sewing, pottery, quilting, woodwork, crafts, etc. Follow rules above for placing owner's information on the item, as far as possible, however, information must NOT be visible to the judges.


Diana West won 1st Place in Photography and Best in Show.

Harold Pelton won 2nd and 3rd Place in Photography.

Rochelle Wisoff Fields Author-Artist swept the Art Category winning all three ribbons.

Ronda Del Boccio Author-Artist swept the Alternative Art Contest winning all three ribbons.

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