Art & Photography Contest Winners


1st Hovering Gulls -Ricky Yates


2nd- The Chimp - Joy Keeney

3rd - Iced Berries - Joy Keeney



1st - Wild Flowers - Rhonda Harvey











2nd - Horse - Katie Bennett

3rd - Insomnia - Margarite Stever


Alternative Art

1st - 3D Birthday Card - Ronda Del Boccio

                                                     2nd - Golden Pot - Margarite Stever

3rd - Mythical Equine Journal with Ephemera - Ronda Del Boccio

Iced Berries.jpg
Water Color Wild Flowers.jpg
Golden Pot.JPG
Pages from Equnie Journal.JPG

2019 Annual

Art & Photography Contest Winners

Diana West won 1st Place in Photography and Best in Show.

2019 Diana West.jpg

Harold Pelton won 2nd and 3rd Place in Photography.

2019 Harold Pelton 3rd place.jpg
2019 Harold Pelton 2nd place.jpg

Rochelle Wisoff Fields Author-Artist swept the Art Category winning all three ribbons.

2019 Art all three places Rochelle.jpg

Ronda Del Boccio Author-Artist swept the Alternative Art Contest winning all three ribbons.

2019 alternative art all three Ronda.jpg